High Rise Removals & Office Relocations

High rise removals and office relocations are not your average move.

Building rules and regulations, combined with the sheer challenge of logistics, can make the process extremely complicated.

That’s why it’s important to call in the professionals, and use removalists with the right experience and equipment to make your move as smooth as possible.

Specialist Removals

At Astons Removals, we have removalists who specialise in high rise removals and office relocations. We’re familiar with the added complexities and challenges these moves involve, and have the right tools, techniques, and experience to complete them with minimal fuss so you enjoy a low-stress moving experience.

If access to your building is difficult, we can supply a ute to assist with removals (extra fees may apply).

High Rise Moves

High rise removals are unique in several ways.

Many apartment buildings only allow removals on certain days. Double-handling is often unavoidable, as your furniture and belongings must be taken down to the basement via the lift, then placed in a ute to be transported to the truck. Moving into an apartment follows the same process, but in reverse. The building manager may also need notice so they can lock the lifts off and cover the walls before any furniture is moved.

If you’re moving to or from a high rise apartment, Astons Removals can help. We arrange all the finer details to make your move as smooth as possible. We also offer a written damage guarantee, and our prices are transparent and include GST.

To learn more about moving with Astons Removals, call us today on (07) 5591 1989.

Moving Your Office

Like high rise removals, office relocations are very different to household removals.

Office furniture is often incredibly heavy and difficult to move. While most office moves are internal, from floor to floor, this presents its own unique challenges. And because your office usually can’t simply shut down, the move must be carried out to minimise disruption to your employees who are still working.

Once again, this is a job best left to the professionals – professionals like Astons Removals. We take care of your furniture (and the walls and doorways around it). Call us today on (07) 5591 1989 to discuss how we can help you make your office relocation as smooth as possible.